Hiring the right kind of IT provider can be a confusing and critical step in growing your business. Here are some key considerations that will guide you towards confidently choosing a provider that has the resources to meet your needs, without blowing the budget.


Often, we are so intimate with our own needs that they become invisible. Having your needs clearly communicated in terms of your own priorities will give you the confidence to gauge whether the provider is right for you. Here are some things to consider:

-Are you a large organisation that requires a large number of resources quickly?
-Are you a local organisation that requires a more personalised service?
-Do you have plans to expand your business internationally and can they deliver a world-wide solution?

Another thing to consider is the timeframe. In what timeline are you expecting results and can the provider deliver those results on time?


Are they credible?
-Look for unbiased testimonials online. Google the company to see if there are reviews on Google or whether they have received positive mention from satisfied clients.

Is their expertise suitable to you?
Do they serve large corporations, small to medium sized businesses or individuals?
Do they specialize in Mac or PC or both?
Do they have intimate knowledge of the system you are (or want to be) using?

Does the organisation have a contact who you can telephone directly for support? In what timeframe do they respond to call-outs? How quick would they respond in an ‘emergency’ and can they give you an example of the response actions?


When it comes to price, the cheapest is not necessarily the best. That said, pricing should be as clear and transparent as possible. Payment structure and minimum fee should be established upfront. Here are some points to consider:

The Budget

-What is your budget and can the provider deliver the objectives within that budget?
-Will the payments be required monthly or pay-as-you-go?
-Which of those payment options will be the cheapest in the long-term?

Parts / Extras

-Does price include parts?
-Is there a call-out fee?
-What might be the minimum fee for on-site or off-site support?
-Ask for examples of what is and is not covered in your contract. Your provider should be able to give you an example of what might go wrong and how much it would cost to fix it.

Evaluating your priorities and investigating your IT provider should give you the confidence that they have the resources and expertise to deliver your needs to you on-time and on budget.

Here at Cloud Stratagem, we are confident in our ability to meet your requirements within time and budget limits. Call us today to find out more.

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