“The experience working with the team at Cloud Stratagem has been fantastic. They have helped us migrate to Cloud-based systems without any downtime. Now our staff do everything via Cloud-based applications. And we have lowered our cost of doing business and strengthened our IT security.”

-John Deppe, Hozelock

Cloud transformation has become a commonplace change to businesses of all sizes in recent years. Cloud allows companies to focus on what they do best without the hassle of purchasing dedicated hardware and software. Cloud Stratagem analyses what a business currently pays for IT services, and determines which customised Cloud services would suit their needs.


Upfront Analysis

We analyse what clients pay for IT services and what Cloud-based services would cost their business for the same applications. We then work closely with our clients’ internal developers, system administrators and technical teams to migrate the business to the Cloud. Using Amazon’s AWS Cloud Platform, we provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee. We also use other Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure.

Access Anywhere

As part of any Cloud transformation, our clients’ data, applications and services are moved from onsite servers to the Cloud. The information stored in the Cloud can be accessed anywhere on demand.

Pay As You Go

Businesses today face serious challenges in finding cost-effective ways of managing and scaling their IT infrastructure. Cloud users only pay for what they use, with the option to scale up and down – whether it be processing, storage or other Cloud services.

Highest Security

It is now well understood that public Cloud security exceeds that of both private Cloud and on-premise servers. The security solutions offered by public Cloud providers, such as AWS, mean that the most security-conscious companies are now using public Cloud providers instead of traditional Data Centres.


step 1Use our initial analysis and consultation strategy to define our deployment strategy

step 2Determine the most cost effective production hosting environment


Build and test the staging environment

step 4Build the final production environment

step 5

Selection Complete the Cloud transformation

step 6

GO LIVE with the final production system