Certain applications, not available as commercial off-the-shelf products, may require custom software development. In such cases, Cloud Stratagem’s professional software development team can scope, design and build these applications. In order to refine the requirements in concert with the end-user, Cloud Stratagem employs the Agile Development methodology to integrate the specification with the final delivery.

“We will certainly be continuing to use Cloud Stratagem as our business expands. Attentive, timely and professional services.”

-Sam Bean, CloudFlow


Custom Software Development

Cloud Stratagem specialises in the development of custom software for businesses. Based on our clients’ requirements, we leverage existing and open-source platforms to reduce development time. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Service Management Platforms
  • Custom-built Web Applications
  • Customer Portals
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Platform Integrations/Implementations

Our developers are highly skilled at understanding business requirements and passionate about delivering an exceptional user experience.

Agile Development Methodology

Our growth can be attributed to the way in which we work with our customers. The Agile Scrum process improves collaboration, and transparency with users. We involve customers in short fortnightly iterations in order to confirm feature design and enhancements. Each iteration is delivered over a two-week ‘sprint’ which is scoped, delivered and reviewed at the end of each fortnight.

Technology Agnostic

We remain agnostic in terms of language and development environment. However, our teams prefer to use the latest web-technologies to simplify deployment. Cloud Stratagem’s portfolio of development languages ranges from Java to .NET to Ruby on Rails. Our development environments are all Cloud-based and employ the latest distributed source control and web-based hosting repositories.


step 1 Scope

step 2

Design – User stories

step 3  Build

step 4  Test

step 5

Retrospective Review