Cloud Stratagem unearths clients’ existing IT environment through an IT Healthcheck. We review IT and Communications through an AS IS analysis. From there, we create a documented checklist of IT assets with red, amber and green traffic lights to highlight technology risks and gaps in order of danger. This strengthens a company’s ability to make informed business decisions.

“An IT Healthcheck allowed us to realise we could improve our everyday operations. Now our business is running better than ever!”

-Jason Arnold, Quattro



Cloud Stratagem recognises the commonplace risks around a typical small business’ reliance on IT. For example, lack of backup and disaster recovery, no secure network encryption and single points of failure in the infrastructure are all frequent themes requiring remediation. Cloud Stratagem believes that an effective way to improve business efficiency is to understand its existing IT environment through an IT Healthcheck. We provide a report on all IT communication systems and applications to measure the current IT wellbeing – much like going to a GP for a physical check-up. This helps businesses develop a technology path forward to ensure the optimum IT reliability and success of the business.

Healthcheck Report

We undertake a period of discovery and subsequent analysis to report on the following:

  • Server and Cloud instances
  • Hardware and software applications
  • Security including virus and malware protection
  • Email and spam
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet and website
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We create a report outlining our findings. We offer specific recommendations to improve IT environments and overall business processes.


step 1
Onsite Discovery of IT Infrastructure

step 2

Analysis of IT and Communication Gaps

step 3

Traffic Light Report and Recommendations