“I didn’t know the first thing about bringing new customers to our website, but the Cloud Stratagem team showed me all the steps they take in improving SEO and now we get more than 5 leads a day! I’d recommend Cloud Stratagem to anyone looking for ways to attract more customers”

-Steve Gilbert, GFAS

Cloud Stratagem takes a proactive approach to keep clients’ brands ahead of the game. Digital Marketing is targeted in a measurable way to deliver interactive marketing services through digital technology. It is a way to attract new customers in this fast-paced digital world.


Active Online Presence

A vast number of prospective customers use search engines, websites, apps and social media daily. Companies without an active online presence are likely to suffer from poor client growth and should make lead generation campaigns a top priority. A business needs to be in the spotlight, offering a memorable online experience to sway potential customers to choose their business above all others.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Cloud Stratagem’s SEO services involve boosting our client’s online presence to the top in search engine results. This increases the likelihood of prospects clicking on our client’s link, as people very rarely scroll through numerous Google result pages. Search engines like Google have secret ranking algorithms that are unknown to the public – our SEO team has specific techniques to improve our client’s ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular modern lead generation strategies. Cloud Stratagem creates content for its clients to attract audiences and influence viewers to share it on social media by ‘liking’, ‘retweeting’ and ‘reposting’. This electronic Word of Mouth process encourages a spread of information about the product, service, brand or company. This encourages additional traffic to websites and therefore products.

Website Development

We offer website development wherein we work closely with our clients to select and register a domain name. We develop effective content in an attractive style and design. A modern, user-friendly website will improve potential customers’ online experience and increase the chances of them finding what that website has to offer. We also ensure the website is responsive and mobile phone optimised.


step 1

Identify target audience or demographic

step 3

Select Digital Marketing Methods

step 3

Promote products and services through these methods

step 4

Measure performance and improve targets