“After contracting Cloud Stratagem for our Network Redesign, the new network now runs at peak performance without security breaches.”

-Daniel Malton, Symmetry Commercial

Networks are the roadways for data. Fundamental to any IT operation is the architecture of the network. It is essential that the network be well designed and high performing. Cloud Stratagem offers comprehensive network design expertise to make our clients’ IT systems efficient and secure.



Network design is an essential first step to modernising a business’ IT infrastructure. Network design is the backbone of both computing and communication environments. Cloud Stratagem’s professionals work closely with our clients to design their WAN and LAN through an iterative planning process to make sure no security or performance gaps exist. Network design involves an architectural plan that serves as a blueprint to deploy a secure, redundant and diverse network.


Dimensioning a new network means determining the minimum requirements that will still allow capacity to be met. To do this, we monitor and analyse peak-hour traffic and maximum data sizes. This scoping process involves determining the network’s topology, routing plan and traffic matrix. This process requires a complex model that simulates the behaviour of the network equipment and routing protocols. Some of the areas that we focus on include MPLS network design and management, VPNs and network encryption, IP security tunnels and other specific network topology.


step 1

Analyse the existing network

step 2

Identify network design requirements

step 3

Design the network topology and solutions

Plan the network implementation

step 5

Implement and document the design

step 6

Verify, monitor and modify as needed