Revolutionising the way that we collaborate, Unified Communications (UC) gives flexibility to the way that businesses run. Companies need the ability to send and receive messages through a variety of media. IP Telephony allows ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) systems and computer-to-computer softphones to reduce phone call costs.

“Cloud Stratagem has been instrumental in reducing the cost of our company’s IT and Communications services. We have better services and more peace of mind as a result.”

-Mark Carter, Granite Consulting



Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is an increasing trend that allows smart mobile devices to be added to the network and used to transfer calls, host web-share sessions, video chat, roster co-workers and more. To ‘unify’ communications means to merge separate business processes into a streamlined and functional experience. Unified Communications allow the spanning of offices and remote users so that teams can stay in touch from virtually anywhere.

Customised Integration

Cloud Stratagem integrates the core components of voice, email, instant messaging, calendaring, and video and audio conferencing into one streamlined package. Cloud Stratagem offers a comprehensive suite of quality communication tools to suit our clients’ unique requirements. Our solutions eliminate communication issues and encourage efficiency for daily operations. We work to make sure that all components work together with minimal configuration and maximum flexibility, removing complicated and time-consuming tasks from the equation.


The business advantages of Unified Communications have expanded into BYOD for employees so that they can integrate their smartphones with their daily productivity tools. Given the ever-decreasing cost of computers, smartphones and video calls, UC is now a low-cost option for even the smallest of companies. By introducing call metrics into applications that track and measure contacts we open the door for our clients to manage productivity and utilisation.

Boost Your Business

By measuring staffing levels, evaluating employee performance, analysing marketing spend and understanding customer behaviour, a Unified Communications system optimises business performance. This encourages employee productivity and business growth. UC automates and scales call centres, bringing daily communications and remote or field workers to a new level of business achievement.


step 1 Flexibility

step 2   Unification

step 3   Customisation

step 4   Inexpensive