Cloud Stratagem’s Business Assessment consists of business analysis and includes business process improvement. We investigate a company’s current status in order to determine potential productivity improvements. We prepare a report to determine the most effective ways of using information systems to improve overall efficiency and profitability.

“The staff are attentive and friendly. They resolve issues quickly. Mainly, they’re able to explain things in simple terms.”

-Rui Kooharatanachai, Abercrombie & Kent


Business Analysis

In the business analysis, we identify our clients’ business needs and implement solutions to business problems. Such solutions typically include software development, systems replacement, organisational change, strategic planning and improve methodologies. Cloud Stratagem focuses on Business Process Improvement – helping our clients to optimise their underlying processes in order to achieve better results and efficiency.

Process Improvement

Process improvement allows organisational development within which a sequence of actions determine, analyse, and improve existing business processes in order to meet new goals and objectives. These objectives can include increasing profits, boosting performance, lowering costs and hastening schedules. Specific methodologies and frameworks are used to heighten the probability of success.

Holistic View

We take a holistic view in our investigation – examining structural elements such as organisation, staff development, existing processes and IT systems. We assess actions to advance business system operations – examining organisational structures and staff development again to ensure that they match up with any suggested process redesigns and IT systems development. We document our client’s business requirements for IT support, employing appropriate documentation standards.


BA step1

Investigate Business Environment

step 2

Document Discovery

BA step3Analyse Discovery

BA step 5Identify Options


Implement New Processes