Cloud computing has driven the need for improved bandwidth, especially for large enterprises. Giving the ability to store large quantities of data, run complex software and more, the Cloud has quickly advanced productivity and innovation. Here, we discuss the importance of a strong Broadband connection in optimising your Cloud experience.

For a client accessing the services of a business based in the Cloud, speed is key. A recent study has shown online shoppers have a waning tolerance for slow page loading, and that lag longer than one second has a direct correlation with transaction abandonment. Other industries face similar challenges, trying to meet the speeds demanded by users.

First generation Cloud platforms were generally housed in huge but solitary data centres, and despite their high capacity, they were simply located too far (thousands of kilometres) away from the bulk of end users. However, as time has gone on, more and more data centres have popped up, improving speed and user experience.

Having Cloud data centres distributed across many locations close to the local Telco backbone means a reduced number of network hops that every request, every piece of data, every bit of content must make to reach the end user. Provided there is minimal or no contention on any hop, the shorter the distance, the fewer network hops, the greater the speed, and the better the user experience.

For a business moving into this new age of Cloud computing, a vital element of your operations is to make sure your Cloud provider can deliver an effective, scalable and fast experience to your userbase, even as it grows and becomes more geographically spread.

Cloud Stratagem uses major telecommunications companies to connect you to a strong, reliable Broadband connection. We can work with you to ensure that your Cloud experience is streamlined and enjoyable.


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